Sunday 30 September 2018

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dermalogica skincare

Solar defence booster- This claims to protect your skin from the sun whilst keeping it soft and smooth. SPF isn't something I use on a regular basic but I have read the benefit it can have for your skin but always been a bit dubious as sun tan lotion often leaves your skin feels congested and tacky. This on the other hand made my skin feel so so soft! It hasn't broke me out and also feels light on the skin.

hydrating lotion - Aimed at dry, spot prone skin it claims to hydrate and sooth the skin. I have such dry skin and have been struggling with breakouts for the past year so this is right up my street. I have been using it every night after the microfoliant and it makes such a difference to my skin, it feels so smooth and hydrated as well being less irritated.

ultra calming mist- Created to help reduce redness and inflammation this is right up my street! I love this product, I use it after moisturising to help my face feel calm. Having such sensitive skin my face often reacts to different products and environments so I carry a little bottle of this around with me to keep my face feeling calm. 

precleanse- I have been using this after micellar water to make sure that all my makeup is removed from my face. It is so gentle on my skin and removes the rest of my makeup perfectly. I love that this product applies like an oil but becomes soapy after applying water. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated.

special cleansing gel-I use this product after the pre cleanse to make sure all traces of makeup have been removed from my face, this is quite foamy in comparison which I love. Often cleansers can really dry out my skin leaving it feeling super tight but this leaves it feeling extra soft and fresh. I am really impressed with this product and would definitely repurchase. 

daily microfoliant- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. This comes as a powder that actives once adding water to make a paste. It exfoliates the skin whilst still being gentle on the skin. My forehead is a problem area for me, this has helped to reduce the bumps on my skin and clear my pores! It contains green tea and oatmeal to help calm the skin too.  I've read amazing reviews of this too so I'm hoping after longer use it will also reduce my open pores too!




  1. I love their clear start cream xx

  2. I love the daily microfoliant. I’ve only had a positive experience with dermalogica

    Tasha x


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