Sunday, 3 January 2016

Lush sale haul

Stardust £1.48 - Stardust is very pretty in the bath it leaves a shimmery milky water which is very moisturising, it contains vanilla, rosewood and bergamot oil. 

The magic of christmas £2.98- This has to be one of the prettiest bubble bars its can be used many times and leaves a lovely orange bubbly bath. It contains sweet orange oil and sweet cinnamon oil. 

Shooting star £1.83 - This is a honey scent bath bomb containing bergamot oils and Brazilian orange, it makes the most amazing purple/ blue bath. 

Cinders £1.48  I love cinders purely because of how colourful it is! ( orange being my favourite colour) this contains cinnamon leaf oil and popping candy! 

5 gold rings £2.48 - These are a bubble bar so I think they are a bargain for the price and will last a while!

Dashing santa £1.48 has one of my favourite scents and goes a lovely orange colour it bath, it contains both mandarin and bergamot oils.

So white £1.83 - This isn't my favourite bath bomb but agrees with my skin a lot more than others, its apple scented so smells very fruity and fresh.

Baked Alaska £1.63 - This is my personal favourite soap from Lush it's so citrusy and fruity, containing lemon myrtle, grapefruit and ylang ylang oils it really is amazing! 

Overall i'm pretty please with all the products that I managed to pick up even if it did take my sister over an hour to make the order haha! My house currently smells like a lush shop, I can't wait to start using them! Fingers crossed my eczema gets better so I can use some soon! 




  1. Wow you managed to pick up lots of bits for nice and cheap!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. Great haul! I love Lush so I can only love your post ! So White is one of my fav :)

  3. These all look amazing, I wish I'd tried the magic of Christmas one though it sounds so good!

    Millie x | Millies Wardrobe

  4. You managed to pick up some great products at such good prices too. I love Baked Alaska as well!

  5. I wish I had given the Lush sale a go as they have so many amazing products at the moment, especially the Christmas star!

    The Makeup Directory

  6. I managed to get nearly everything you bought in the sale too! I didn't manage to get any of the Shooting Star bath bombs which was a shame as I really wanted to try one x
    Louise |

  7. These are such amazing prices - I may have to pop to Lush and stock up soon!


  8. I love Lush's Christmas products! I just posted a Lush haul today too :) xo

  9. I went into my local Lush for the first time this year and was super amazed at how cheap everything is!

    I picked up a few similar bits!

    Lovely post!
    Francesca xxx

  10. I had no idea there was a sale going on until I had gone to the LUSH shop and they had nearly sold out of EVERYTHING! I really didn't mind, since my favorite ones weren't there and the ones left weren't my cup of tea anyway. Guess I should pay more attention next time! Yours look amazing and I can't wait to know how they are! :) xx Kenzie

  11. I feel like everyone who buys Lush should have a wicker basket :)

    Arianne | Ayre

  12. A Lush sale is the best kind of sale. I'm with you with Baked Alaska being their best soap. I can't get enough of the scent. xx

  13. So many goodies! I wish I could have visited their sale. But I think my sister picked something up for me. /ida

  14. I had Baked Alaska for Christmas and it smells INCREDIBLE. LOVE the sound of the five gold rings too!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  15. You managed to get some amazing things, i was a bit late to the sale so didn't get as many but I am excited to try what I have got!
    Ottilie | O is for Ottilie

  16. Wow you got so many good things! My local store sold out of their sale stock so quickly :( I was so gutted x

  17. I loved this post, and you picked some great items! I've still got the 5 rings to try from Christmas and can't wait <3

  18. I got the Baked Alaska before Christmas and loved it - will defo buy again :) Great post and looks like you got lots that will last ages!!

    John ¦ Shout John


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