Sunday 28 June 2015

Sephora Haul

When i booked my holiday in Callas De Mallorca i had no idea that the was a Sephora located anywhere remotely by it until my sister informed me that they had one in Palma which was about an hour away! Me and my mum dedicated a day of our 'relaxing' holiday to get up early and travel to Palma which actually ended up taking 2 hours and the next bus home was in 1 hours time unless we waited 5 hours which we didn't want to do! so we ran around Palma franticly asking everyone were sephora was after being led on a wild goose chase we arrived with 45 minutes to spare. It was both mine and my mums first visit and lets just say the time limit made me panic hense £144 later i thought i'd share a haul with you, i'll review products after i've been able to use each product enough to give a full review.

Softening facial mist was a last minute purchase which was at the till i'm a sucker for face mists and i hope this lives up to expectations!

The too faced melted lipstick in melted nude i've been after this for sooo long and was so excited to see this i had to have it!

This was a gift for my sister in shade lazy morning which the name suits her to a tea and she loves grey/ nude nail varnishes

I've heard a lot about the daily makeup brush cleaner so many people have said so many great things so i'm hoping i love this as much as everyone else!

If you've learnt anything about me from reading my blog its that anything organge/ mango scented and it has to be mine i think this is such a handy little perfume to put in your bag.

The sephora super nourishing lip balm was another at the till purchase i have a thing for buying lip balms so when i saw this along with the rest of the minis it jumped in my basket!

The sephora multi complextion brush i'd admit i was quite overwhelmed by how many brushes they had but i knew i had to purchase one as I've heard so many amazing things! i've been using this every day and honestly its my new favourite brush i even prefer it over my real technique brushes. 

The too faced mil chocolate soleil this is probably one of my favourite purchases as i had been lusting after it for month after hearing Lily Pebbles rave about there bronzers, i find a lot of bronzers way too dark for my pale skin tone but this suits my skin perfectly.

The Urban decay naked concealer was also another lily pebbles purchase i've used it a few time now and i can say so far I'm impressed and the coverage is better than i expected

Sephora long lasting brow pencil so far i love this it's so easy to use and only a little is needed each time making it very long lasting.

Phew finally i've finished i'll be reviewing things individually over the coming months! my sister is visiting sephora next month and is picking me up a few bits what products do i need to try?




  1. I love Sephora ! Everytime I go to France its the only shop I go pretty much haha! great haul ! loving the sounds of Too Faced :)

  2. The Too Faced bronzer looks gorgeous! I have been using the Naked Concealer to highlight as the shade i got was too light but it works perfectly x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. I LOVE Sephora... I have been wanting to try the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks but didn't know if they were worth the money... Could you do a fully review possibly?? Great post, keep it up!

    Juliana Grace |

  4. I am very envious of the naked skin and Sephora brush! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  5. I wish my nearest Sephora had Too Faced or UD...seems like Benefit is the only US brand in Italian Sephora -.-'

  6. I want to try that Naked concealer, but there's also the NARS concealer... I don't buy the Sephora products because I don't believe in the quality...


  7. ooh lovely haul! i visited a sephora when i was in france and bought a few of those little perfumes and they honestly smell amazing!
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

  8. This all looks incredible, can't wait to hear how you get on with them :) Really love the look of the too faced lipgloss.
    Love Holly x

  9. Oh, excited to hear how you get on with everything!

  10. I use the Sephora daily brush cleaner and it's fantastic!!

    Hollie //

  11. Great haul! I love too faced and the Naked concealer is amazing xx
    Glossy Boutique

  12. I love Sephora! I've actually been to that one before Im pretty sure! The products you picked seem amazing! Great haul! x


  13. I love the look of those Two Faced Melted Lipsticks! Been dying to try it out. I look forward to a review from you! :')

  14. Some lovely buys :) I am excited to have my first trip to Sephora too at the end of next month.
    Charlotte x

  15. Oh wow, I bloody love Sephora, we need them in the UK. I've just made an online order and can't wait for it to arrive! Too Faced bronzer is gorgeous.

    Sarah | <3

  16. GREAT HAUL! I need a Sephora here in Aruba

  17. Great haul! Can't wait to go back to Sephora xx

    Tajaljeh /


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